• Bible Study Groups
• Morning of reflection
Home and Hospital Visits

Bible Study Groups
These are held at various times throughout the year, especially during major festivals such as Lent etc. All studies concentrate on highlighting the relevance of the readings to us as individuals and our lives. Everyone is welcome. If interested please contact the Parish office (02 6362 7729).

Morning of Reflection
Ladies are invited to meet at the Rectory on the 2nd Friday of each month at 10am to enjoy a time together, away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Informally, a theme from a short Bible reading is discussed and how that theme relates to everyday lives is shared among the group. We realize how important it is to make the effort to have a regular quite time together and with God in a non-threatening and informal way. And of course the session ends with a cuppa! If interested please contact the Parish office (02 6362 7729) or Rev'd Anne (02 6362 5349)

A Cursillo is a “Short course in Christian Living”. It is held over three days and normally twice a year, one course for women and one course for men, in the long weekends of June and October. The course is a structured program of talks by a team of both Lay and Clergy. This is a very uplifting and strengthening three days helping us to establish or re-affirm our relationship with God. If interested please contact Alan Ridley on 6362 7264 or Liz Smith on 6365 1084 for more details.

A Cursillo reunion is held bi-monthly at St Barnabas on the 2nd Sunday at 5pm. These gatherings consist of bright uplifting songs, scripture reading, prayer and a witness talk. The meeting concludes with refreshments provided by the participants. Please contact Norm Bembrick on (02 6362 6298) for more details.

Home and Hospital Visits
Visits are provided to those unable to attend church who are either housebound or in nursing homes or hospital. To arrange visits please contact the Parish office (02 6362 7729) or Father Gary (02 6362 5349).




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